Standing in the kitchen in just your underwear eating stale movie theater popcorn is a normal thing, right?


Police Officer Doesn’t See A Difference Between Black, Light-Skinned Black Suspects

holy shit


Police Officer Doesn’t See A Difference Between Black, Light-Skinned Black Suspects

holy shit

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I keep having these moments where I feel cool because I get follow notifications on my phone, but then I look closer and see that they’re for the Quiet Year Records Tumblr, which I’m an admin for, and not me. 

But hey, you should all follow the Tumblr anyway cuz it’s a v cool label and I work for it.

Cops need to learn how to handle situations more efficiently and recognize if they actually need to be involved at all. Too many have died lately because of cops using their guns.

Maybe one day Chipotle’s employees will know that I know guac is extra.

The Blood Brothers Expand Reunion Tour



The Blood Brothers now have five reunion shows on deck. Check out the dates below after the jump.

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uhh anyone want to go to one of the ny shows?

Just booked a long vacation during the busiest time of the year at work. I’ll lose out on money and some of my bosses might be mad that I won’t be at work, but I don’t even care. I’ve been working nonstop since I got back from my study abroad and I could use the vacation.

I’m kinda visiting the same places I always visit, but the flights were pretty cheap so whatevs.

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Tinder has a lot of single moms and people who are much taller than me. 

Having a dog die is so hard. My house has felt so empty for the past few days.

And then my back started hurting because I got really stressed about finding a job.

Your Local DIY Band Probably Isn’t Ready To Tour (Yet)



July 9, 2014
by Brandon Gepfer

Being in a band costs money but honestly, who other than people in bands really care?  

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Brandon is a pretty cool guy and wrote this thing. If you’re a band or are interested in bands, then read this thing.

taco-beard said: What is everyone in the bands favourite superhero?


Matt Nissley


Am I actually in bed before 10 pm or am I actually much much older than 24?

Forgot how rad The Blood Brothers are. O dam.